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Do you know what is Fletching Bows in Runescape

Getting through the bows as quickly as possible is the basic strategy for fletching, which can't be affected by RS Gold in the game. You should rely on yourself - a lot of training is the only way to success.


You will fletch a ton of bows in your RuneScape lifetime, and probably get very bored. Our strategy is to minimize the time spent and maximize the fun. Keeping the knife as close to the chat box as possible is a good idea, as well as making it so you do not have to move the mouse too much while stringing bows.


The actual strategy: check a fletching calculator to find out how many bows you need to make (You can find calculators on this site). Let us pretend to get to the next level you need to make 300 yew longbows. First, get your axe if you wish to woodcut these yew logs (Note, if you wish to speed things up and if you have money to spare you could simply buy 300 yew logs for 90,000-99,000gp.)



Cut 300 yew logs and cut them into unstrung bows after each load. Once you have banked 300 unstrung yew longbows, obtain 300 bowstrings as well. In order to do this, go south of Seers' Village and pick flax. On your way back, stop by the South-Western most house and go upstairs. Spin the flax on a spinning wheel. Continue this until you have 300 strings. If you have money to spare, buy the bowstrings from somebody for 150-200gp each, or flax from someone for 90-110gp each. This means 300 bowstrings will cost 45,000-60,000gp, and 300 flax will cost 30,000-36,000gp.


In the past, you used to click continuously to fletch bows. Now, instead of fletching every single bow, one at a time, you can fletch an entire inventory at once. To do this, use a knife with a log. A menu will pop up asking whether you want to make short bows or longs. Right click on your option and select "Make X." Type in the number of bows you would like to make, or alternatively just type in "99" for a whole load, as it is faster.

Recently an update has meant that players can select "Make All" when attaching bowstrings to unstrung bows, this is generally considered to be faster and easier, although some older fletchers argue that they can click between the items faster.


A lot of people will trade you yew logs and bowstrings once you're level 70+ for your strung yew bows, and they will occassionally offer money as well. This will allow you to level fletching faster, however you won't make as much money.

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