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Clothes and Strategies of Runescape Hunter

There are some cool clothes suited for hunters, of course, you need pay some Runescape Gold. The rewards for hunting animals come in the form of useful dress wear. Some items help with the hunting skill, while others are useful for other skills.


To make the clothes, take the required fur and money to the Fancy Clothes Store, located just South-East of Varrock's East Bank, through the wooden gate.



There are three categories of clothes; camouflage, animal camouflage, and falconry fur accessories. The bonus these clothes give is that you have a greater chance of trapping a creature as they provide greater camouflage.


I'm going to be brutally honest right off the bat, you shouldn't plan on training hunting if you expect to gain decent profit or benefit in any significant way, however it is still a skill that many players choose to train simply because they enjoy playing the game. The act of hunting itself usually relies on trapping or fooling animals in order to capture them and their contents. In this guide I will explain the most efficient method of training hunting that I've found from my own experiences.


Please keep in mind that this is a strategy guide, not a skill guide. Therefore I will skip most of the hunting methods simply because I've found them to be inefficient. I'm sure that some other players have found methods other than what I've listed in certain level categories that suit them better and I am in no way saying that this guide shows THE best way to train hunting, but the best way I found to train hunting. And trust me, I've tried many ways.

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